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Freelancing may be a rewarding career choice, but it isn’t all fun and games being your own boss. Whether the hours you work or the deadlines you meet, any remote worker can attest that most aspects of their career are rarely predictable. Yet, even the most fluid workers need a solid foundation to make it in a frenzied market; they need something the consumer can count on, and that something is YOUR SKILLSET.

Skyrocket your business

With The Remote Work Profile, we can help you identify your key strengths, allowing you to market your best abilities to produce exceptional work for the best compensation you can get. World-class workers aren’t the jack-of-all-trade types, it’s those who know their talents and hone them over the years.

Don’t dilute your ability, focus on your greatness. Ask yourself...

Are you stretched thin taking whatever project comes your way? Do you waste time on a query only to be rejected for the bid? Do you bid on a broad variety of gigs like a shotgun blast unsure of your specific skill set? ​​​​​​​Do you spend an immense amount of effort and energy crafting a response to a gig only to lose to a competitor? Are you stretched thin taking whatever project comes your way? Are you being robbed of your value taking low-rate services.

Enter stage right: the Remote Work Profile

If only there was a service which could highlight your specific niche and laser target your specific skill set with 100% accuracy assuring you that you do indeed ‘know’ and can begin to leverage your greatest resource: yourself. The Remote Worker Profile does precisely that. It pinpoints your strongest asset, sharpens it, and packages it for client delivery. Increasing your confidence, value, and marketability!

Do You Know Yourself?

Listen, we know you generally know your own abilities. But ask any of the greats in any field, and they’ll always tell you: a second set of eyes, a fresh observation of your routine, this is integral to the formula of success.

  • A person can’t adequately judge their own skills on their own; you need help to fairly evaluate your skillset.

  • The Remote Work Profile provides a clear, unbiased examination into your abilities and skills. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn; many people leave the test realising they’ve been going the wrong direction the whole time, and this knowledge allows them to excel in their future work.

  • Don’t let your professional self be a stranger to you; find out all about him or her, and they’ll become your best friend.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When you can clearly articulate your skillset, the cash starts rolling in!

One of the most difficult tasks in virtual work is remaining competitive while still adequately compensating yourself for the work you do. When working for a company, it’s easy to have your supervisor determine your value to the company. When working for yourself, how do you know how much you should be paid and what prices you charge? Unless you’re an expert in sales, chances are it’s impossible to learn yourself. You need an unbiased third party to look at what you’ve got and determine its quality. Maybe you’re better at producing work swiftly and consistently without the glamour of other products. Maybe you’re more delicate, producing high quality work at a more deliberate pace. This isn’t something you should determine yourself; it can make or break your profits, and with the inherent risk of remote work, you can’t afford to make such a foundational mistake.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Learning what you’re best at lets you feel more confident in specialisation!

The biggest money earners in the freelance economy aren’t the people who produce a wide range of mediocre content; it’s the specialists, the artist who refines their craft until it’s perfect, who provides a product few others can match. These are the people you see sweeping bids while you’re left in the dust. They know what they’re capable of, but you’re left scratching your head wondering if this really is the right fit for you. ​​​​​​​Wonder no longer; when you learn what you’re best at, your confidence soars. You can focus on fine-tuning your talents and stop wasting time on frivolous jobs that don’t fit your abilities.

Stop Wasting Your Valued Time

…instead increase your value by leveraging time!

Do you want to know which freelancers make the most money?

The ones who have highly targeted skill sets which they market with an undying enthusiasm! The client sees no ambiguity in their bid, instead a remarkable clarity is presented which makes the buyer eager to spend.

Rather than shotgun blasting various bids in various niches, they are the sniper who is very specific and targeted in their bid. Sure, the shotgun blast can be effective, but it can’t hit those high value targets. That’s the only way to leverage time and maximize value.

Show You’re Perfect for the Job​​​​​​​​​​​​​ & find the jobs that are perfect for you!

Armed with YOUR Remote Worker Profile, you will now have the ability to tell your story and communicate your distinct value more effectively to prospective employers.

Additionally, your profile helps you pinpoint the gigs that are aligned with your strengths and interests, so you can prioritise your time and energies. When you’re working on the projects that play to your strengths and light a fire in you, you do your best work. ​​​​​​

That's Winning Big-Time

… and it all starts with The Remote Worker Profile.

The Remote Worker Profile, powered by the GC Index.

When you decide to create your profile,

you also get valuable, individualised feedback on your assessment through a one-to-one consultation session focused on interpreting your responses and helping you set personal and business goals based on your profile. 

Our savvy-lifework Coaches are...

industry experts and will help you maximise your strengths and serve as an invaluable resource to you as you develop your freelancer identity.

It’s a win-win for you and your clients:

Do the work you’re most passionate about, create phenomenal products your clients love, get more 5-star reviews and watch more gigs roll in.

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